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delving ultimatums

Quelques mots à propos du Montréal des années '80.



As I format about tomorrow and the pursuit at hand, a wintry friend abruptly asks me to delve with the past. For something has been written, published. Yup, yet another book. This one is called Impure: Reinventing the Word. You can’t read them all, but it is conceivable that I might put that one on my already overloaded wish list. Quasiquoting the publisher, this ambitious book documents the history of the vibrant spoken word scene in Montreal from 1960 to the present.

Having been much involved in that very scene for several, long departed years — according to the table of contents, my bestowal would span over 3 distinct epochs! —, I am indeed curious as to what time did with our folichonneries.

History in the making : The SCP arriving at the Théâtre Milieu, in Montréal, for its Ultimatum Festival performance.


As I format about tomorrow and the pursuit at hand, a wintry friend abruptly asks me to delve with the archives. For sections of that book would concern the Montreal Ultimatum Festival. Good. I was there. On stage with La Société de Conservation du Présent. And ready to scroll. If I remember correctly our Ultimatum contribution, we painted a gigantic virtual roll of LifeSavers onto a projection screen while reciting verbatim about such cliché topics as Rectitude and Devotion.

But I could be wrong… we might have done something else that night. For we didn’t care much about History, back then… we were making it. However, there is one thing I do vividly remember. The organiser of the Ultimatum Festival was a wintry friend named Alan. And Lord knows he tried his very best to make sense out of our délire du moment. And uprightly, I might add.




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