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revelation of an anaplumb

Ce texte fut inspiré par l'écoute de « Revelation of an Anaplumb », de Neil Feather — extrait mp3

This text was written while listening to "Revelation of an Anaplumb", by Neil Feather — mp3 excerpt


Neil Feather performing

at the High Zero Festival.

in Baltimore.


The incidental result is an actual definition. As he spoke, as he listened. As he munched, silently. Upon the ground. Nothing to be learned by staring at carriages or rehearsing bawling crowds. A listener with an occupation. With this, a blue flickering flame. A recording. Of a tapered end, of this vertical, vertical mind. Which shook nerves. By bow or plucking. Acoustic emotions as earthquakes, avalanches or waterfalls. Filling every opening, addressing every need. In the roaring atmosphere of silent cities. Desire, taste for a simultaneous union in its variety of tones. The musicality of the bowling ball. With a person on every front. The inner ear of the eighteenth-century man. The chords that this instrument could produce. As the wire did not exist. A sound, just a sound. Chronological, resulted, inevitable hindering of its progress. Unrestricted notion. At most in muted tones, since hearing is the field of gradually made manifests. Of its constituents. By unlocking the transformative mechanisms. In the vast, the open. To the process of sensing the need. Allowing a convergence. An hostile environment in an otherwise continuous historical process. Silence. Within the field, silence. For shifting the emphasis from the creator to the amalgamated. To caress the ear with gentle seeking. The most uncomplicated succession. That man or streched string — purity upon one of the main arteries. A device, a working model. Stress-reduction for most creative and utterly unconscious soul. Discoloured with strong acids. An externally complex on the irreconcilable. Between opposites. Causing this, a paradigm. Shifting after every failure. Even the most slightly perforated. From the sublime to the baroque. To take the shaping of sexual cataracts upon the bleared. Within the state of suppressed exultation. From the absence of all furniture. A clean breast of the facts. Lips with many gasps. Behavior by the denial of metaphysics. A spiritual reorientation. A face to this transformation, its inability to formulate a satisfactory description of our physical universe. For anyone to interfere. To this, an orchestral performance. Its expression. Within the fields of the sharp click of the latch. Becoming increasingly clear. With the past. Evolution is paralleled. Unmultipication. Such a variety and rivalry, of noises, of pure sound. In its exiguity. For it dabbles with poisons. Infringed. Their unwritten laws. To integrate these techniques into a functioning after. The final note. There comes a yes. Yes, ravishing sound. Over the sensibility of the sacred. The reserved. Them to the latest, unpacking and laying out the hardly concluded. By the harmonies of the magnet. By the cracking of whips. Of metal shop blinds. Mental orchestrations of the crashing down. The whirl of dust drew nearer to the solitary bluff of every addiction. Listening to a form of knowledge currently engaged in a struggle sufficiently docile. Reticence. Anything appertaining to the transparent. Against the light. Through a process of enlivening the sleepy atmosphere. A long, long sequence of small heart-subduing silences. From monotonous sensations to resonant slaps in the face. Any mode of thought will do. That not a day should be lost. Brought to the surface by electrical emotions. In solving the technical by electrical stimulation. The such methods. Of this dearth of noises. Of their rites. Music. Considerably impossible. Such as hunger, pleasure, anger and fear. As he worked, as he recorded. Vaguely preparing the creation to create. New ranges in this limited circle of pure sounds. Nature is silent to the alluded above.




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