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bumbling laden

À la lumière des événements du 11 septembre 2001, jusqu’où l’Occident ira-t-il pour cuirasser son opulence ?


Most generally say weekends are good for you, since they keep you away from the business at hand. Strange concept, ain’t it? I personally garble it… with a passion. I have always time-tested my soul, making each and every day different to the prior, in a global accrual on perplexity and devotion. What comes next has always been my cup of tea… and History, unquestionably, has not.



Marcel Pelletier, whom I photographed for the first time in 1997.


With that said, I did have a lovely time over the weekend, danke very much. Visiting my sister, I managed to get engulfed in a nuit blanche of playing Age of Empires with Marcel, Micheline’s prevailing paramour. Networking like buffoons within a ten by ten room overflowing with fumes, we strolled around the clock drinking vast glasses of Pepsi and munching on huge bags of classical Doritos.



screenshot taken from age of empires © microsoft corporation


What a mess. I have to report that Marcel bushed the crap out of me in every single game that we played. For my defence, I shall say that my opponent is an experienced warrior, having been a collaborateur of that very game for quite a while. But what exactly is that game... and why is it so popular ?

In quoting Microsoft (my favourite source) : « Age of Empires is an epic real-time strategy game spanning 10,000 years, in which players are the guiding spirit in the evolution of small stone age tribes. Starting with minimal resources, players are challenged to build their tribes into great civilizations. Gamers can choose from one of several ways to win the game, including : world domination by conquering enemy civilizations, exploration of the known world and economic victory through the accumulation of wealth. »



screenshot taken from age of empires © microsoft corporation


While Marcel and I were having good, clean, napoleonesque fun, somewhere in suburbia... a guy by the name of Usama was, well, playing an altered version of the same game, possibly atop the White Mountains of Tora Bora, in northeastern Afghanistan.



JJRD coming out of the shower in October, 2001.

Photo : Hélène Vallée.


That mountaintop shall either be Usama’s resting, rumbled grave… or the place filed in History as to where he was captured and brought to bumbling laden Justice ? In any case, one could say that the guy altered « the game » forever. For as of today, there is only one player left: USA & Friends. And with only one player at the table, there is no place left for diversity.

Yep, that is precisely where we are headed: a levelled logosphere filled with Pepsi and Doritos is in the works. You goofed, Usama. Boy are we in for a spell... but then again, what else is new ?




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